Asphalt Icons

Asphalt Icons has been faithfully serving the needs of our local area as a Kissimmee Paving Company since 2017. Prioritizing the customer experience, the expertise of our team members, and the quality of services we provide are some of the main areas we focus on.


Kissimmee Paving Company

Our History As A Kissimmee Paving Company 

Our Asphalt Icons philosophy remains the same as it was when we performed our first paving project: To provide the best paving products and quality asphalt services as Central Florida’s first-rate paving contractor trusted to complete every paving project on time and within budget. From driveways to roadways, parking lots to playgrounds, Asphalt Icons concrete, and asphalt paving services come with a solid customer satisfaction guarantee. We prioritize upholding this philosophy in all of our work and customer service so you can rest assured that the same level of service will be applied when choosing us as your Kissimmee paving company. 


Reviews like this remind us why we first started our business: 

“Best customer service and professionalism I have seen from a vendor. Dan is the best and always has a great attitude. Thank you for responding to our questions and concerns.” – Renaldo Sάnchez 


Our Process 

We start with a consultation in order to best acquaint ourselves with your asphalt paving needs. Bringing our certified team out to survey your area helps us assess the recommended steps for the process that follows. We clean, strip, or level any existing pavement in the area. Finishing up with sealant and a detailed walkthrough, we are committed to serving your property with excellence as your Kissimmee paving company. If you’re ready to get started, call us today!


As Your Choice, We Can Help You With: 

  • Asphalt maintenance: Proper maintenance of your asphalt allows for its optimal practical and aesthetic uses in front of your building. Let us walk you through the necessary maintenance process as your Kissimmee paving company today. 
  • Asphalt paving: We specialize in the installation, replacing, or repairing of asphalt driveways for your Kissimmee home and business. 
  • Concrete: This amazingly versatile material is great for curbs, gutters, speed bumps, trench drains, catch basins, dumpster pads and more. 
  • Milling: Our experienced professionals are experts at effective pavement/asphalt milling. Whether it’s removal, profiling, leveling, or rock removal, you can find the highest quality milling services when you work with us.
  • Sealcoating: Asphalt sealcoating creates a protective seal over the asphalt to protect it from the damaging effects of the sun, all to make your asphalt investment last longer. 
  • Sealing & filling: This process is what prevents asphalt from getting water or other environmental factors under its sub-base to avoid greater problems in the future. We’re all about protecting your asphalt from external factors that may diminish its necessary use. 
  • Striping & marking: Clear communication through striping and marking the asphalt around your business is crucial to the safety of your visitors. Whether it’s traffic sign lettering or parking lot stripes, we’re your go-to Kissimmee paving company for it! 
  • Consulting: In line with our mission to serve you the best, our asphalt consultation service is where those real-time questions and maintenance compliances come to light. 


Serving the Kissimmee area has been an honor, and our reputation speaks of our commitment to fostering growth in the cities that we serve. Nothing says a job well done like hearing from the very people who use and love its results daily. We hope to leave you with that lasting positive result from any of the services we provide


If you’re ready to request your free quote to get a better understanding of what we can do as your Kissimmee paving company, fill out our form today. Or, if you want to discuss the specific needs of your business, give us a call. Our team would love to learn more about how we can help meet your pavement needs.