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Asphalt Striping and Marking

Sealcoating, paint & thermoplastic striping. We offer asphalt patching and paving, traffic sign lettering and custom stenciling, tennis court resurfacing, track & field painting, and much, much more. Asphalt striping and marking is our specialty.

Proper marking and striping for parking lots is critical. Fresh black pavement and neatly marked parking spaces add to the curb appeal and leaves a great first impression as visitors enter your premises. A newly painted parking lot can also create more parking spaces through better designing and prevent possible legal action caused by accidents in your parking lot.

Although you may not receive praise for resurfacing and repainting your parking lot, you will certainly hear complaints if it is poorly maintained. The best parking lot is one that allows drivers to navigate safely and easily, while also providing parking spaces large enough for all types of vehicles.

Properly laid out and painted parking lots create a sense of organization and safety for both vehicles and pedestrian traffic. The professionals at Asphalt Icons can handle your parking lot pavement marking project from start to finish, including layout planning and design, handicap striping, speed bumps, bollards, stenciling and safety markings, and traffic flow patterns.

We are pleased to offer superior paving and asphalt striping skills so that your parking lot is a credit to your business. We use only high-quality equipment and materials to ensure your pavement markings will withstand daily usage, harsh weather and other factors that can cause your striping to fade, wear, crack, or lose functionality.

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