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Asphalt pavements are often built using thick base courses for bearing the main load above an unbound granular layer. Next, a strong-load bearing intermediate course (binder course) is placed over the base course. The intermediate (binder) course is followed by a surface course. The wearing course can last up to 15 – 20 years, depending on the asphalt mixture used. When this wearing course has to be renewed / replaced, it is milled off, and then reused into a new asphalt layer. Properly designed, constructed and maintained intermediate and base courses remain strong and viable for many decades and sometimes without ever needing total reconstruction. If you’re searching or ‘asphalt paving Orlando,’ you’ve come to the right place.
Asphalt-surfaces are easy to upgrade; the existing surface can easily be strengthened by applying an overlay rather then having to be reconstructed. The cost of installing and maintaining asphalt is usually very low. The reduced need for maintenance normally results in increased profitability considering you will not need to invest lots of money to ensure your pavement is well-maintained. While all types of materials used in paving crack as time goes on, asphalt has lower odds of cracking. The design of this material makes it very flexible and versatile resulting in less cracking.
We provide parking lot paving services for shopping centers, medical facilities, municipal buildings, churches, banks, apartment complexes, schools, strip malls, retails centers, industrial facilities and more for asphalt paving Orlando.
Asphalt Icons specializes in asphalt parking lot paving, as well as maintenance and repair of asphalt surfaces. Parking areas are a large investment for the owners but are important because they represent the first impression about a company or organization for visitors. A fresh, rich, black paved parking lot looks great and a well-maintained parking lot can add to the curb appeal of your property however if it’s in rough shape it can leave a bad impression. A good experience conveys a stable well-run facility and, in turn, your company’s brand and image.
Asphalt driveways paving is an inexpensive solution for a great looking driveway. We are experts at the installation of new asphalt driveways, as well as replace or repairing existing driveways. Your driveway will be with you for many years and will serve as a walking, playing, or driving surface for your family and you every day.

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