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Pathway formed slabs stone between land with fresh green spring or summer grass in a garden park central city town Empty space for full length walking or standing people - Orlando Paver Sealing

When it comes to ensuring your asphalt paving’s longevity, our Orlando paver sealing service is the place to start. Here’s how our team gets your asphalt paver sealing done.

We understand that your investment into a clean paved area, either in front of your home or office building, is something worth maintaining. Our Orlando paver sealing service will help you get the most life out of your paving. 


Assess Your Area For Damages

The best place to start for any Orlando paver sealing project is assessing the paved area under consideration. Paying extra close attention to the paved spaces used most frequently is key to any prevention plan. As we walk through your site, we ask that you point out any spots where you’ve noticed cracking or leveling abnormalities. 


It’s best to stay proactive by paying proper attention to any cracks in your pavement because these small problems can quickly spread and become worse. Catching any vulnerabilities in your paved surface early is the best way to avoid paying more significant dividends later through total resurfacing. If you know there are cracks in your current commercial or residential paved space, fill out this form to get an Orlando paver sealing project started today. 

Clean The Paved Area

Grout cleaning prior to Orlando Paver Sealing

The next step to avoid any adherence problems affecting the Orlando paver sealing process is to clean your paved space and uplift any stains if possible. This cleaning ensures that the pores of the pavement materials are open and ready to hold the sealant. 


Depending on your paver sealing project’s climatic conditions, this cleaning process can take place the day of to ensure that your paved area will be ready for use again in a short time. 



Pour The Paver Sealing 

The great news is that if you are proactive in identifying any vulnerable areas of your pavement, the paver sealing process is a one-day service solution. At this stage, our team evenly saturates and distributes the paver sealant to the pavement in your Orlando home or business. When the sealant is evenly applied on the face of the unconfined edge, it ensures a better bond to the surrounding pavements — resulting in a more durable paver joint for your Orlando commercial or residential use. 


If you’ve noticed that the paved area in your Orlando home or business may need paver sealing, don’t wait – give us a call today