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There are a few best practices we follow for ‘pavement maintenance Orlando.’ Keep reading to understand which one you may be in need of.

Patch Repair 

Depending on the current state of your asphalt pavement, you could benefit from a simple patch repair. A patch repair is a common pavement maintenance Orlando procedure that includes replacing specific areas of asphalt pavement to form a clean slate. 

This tends to be a more cost-effective solution to avoid turning a minor problem into a major repair. The goal is to isolate the pavement areas that have proven to be unproductive instead of spearheading the project as a whole. This concept will leave you with a solid structure that can last you for years to come – if maintained properly. 


If you’re searching for ‘pavement maintenance Orlando,’ an overlay may be in your future. An overlay is just how it sounds – it involves laying a top layer of asphalt onto a structurally-sound base. This can only work if the base is not also in need of a repair. 

We would recommend this service if your asphalt surface has remained sturdy prior to our arrival. Because the top layer is only as good as its base, an overlay can enhance the surface, improve skid resistance and level out your asphalt. 

Removal & Replacement 

Pavement Maintenance OrlandoWhen one neglects and fails to maintain their asphalt structure for years on end, a removal and replacement may be required. We only do this when your asphalt surface has severe subgrade deficiencies and a simple repair won’t do the trick. 

Small cracks inevitably form on your asphalt structure, but they get deeper over time. When this happens, water infiltrates its way through the cracks and weakens the surface. While this is the nature of the material, it’s critical that you know the best practices to properly maintain your structure in order to get the most out of your investment. 

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