Asphalt Icons

Construction worker repairing a sidewalk. Maintenance concept

Part of why we enjoy servicing the asphalt needs of our area as a Winter Garden professional paving contractor is because we get to work with the local community of home and business owners. Understanding the “why” behind our asphalt services is a key part of our customer service experience, and we’re here to elaborate on that even more.

We take great pride in our work and look only for the best options to uniquely fit your pavement’s needs and use. As your Winter Garden professional paving contractor, we always keep your best interest top of mind when consulting on the right solution for you.

Close Attention To Detail 

One of the most important elements in how we service a project as your chosen Winter Garden professional paving contractor is meticulous attention to detail. When we audit your lot, you can trust that we are considering all variables in order to provide the most accurate proposal – including how your pavement is most frequently used, any areas of specific concern, and the overall goals for the project’s completion. These are just a few of the details we consider when consulting your area and brainstorming solutions. 


The Right Solutions At The Right Price 

When it comes to finding the most proactive and complete solution for your home or business, we consider all possibilities. Whether we are reacting to a problem, being proactive to prevent future problems, or designing something new – there’s no “one-size-fits-all” solution in our book. Our team is committed to walking you through all possible solutions before coming to a final decision on how to move forward.

A Winter Garden Professional Paving Contractor servicing a lot

Long Term Consulting Care 

We don’t want to provide you with a temporary solution to a problem that might cost far more in the long run. Part of being a Winter Garden professional paving contractor is holding that standard with integrity. When we provide a service to your home or business, you become a forever client in our eyes, and we’re looking to provide continuing value to the maintenance of your pavement. 


We want to leave you describing your experience with us as your Winter Garden professional paving contractor similarly to the review below:


“Asphalt Icons just finished our driveway today! We absolutely love it! We worked with Kyle, he came out to our home three times and customer service is great – one of the main reasons I went with them. Justin, the owner came out and ensured everything looked nice and we were happy. Highly recommend! Thank you Kyle, Justin and Dan.” – Rebecca’s Equine Exercise Service, LLC


Contact us today to start an asphalt project for your home or business. We look forward to bringing this level of professionalism and enthusiasm to your project!