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Searching for Florida Asphalt Paving Companies? Here’s What to Look For

Florida Asphalt Paving Companies

If you’re looking for Florida asphalt paving companies, you’re probably getting quite a few search results. Asphalt Icons stands out among the competition, here’s why. 


There are miles and miles of paved surfaces in Florida. The interstate highway system alone makes up 1497.58 miles of asphalt, and that’s not counting state roads, city streets, parking lots, driveways, and more. With all of this demand, you can expect to find quite a few Florida asphalt paving companies. 


But you’re not worried about the interstate, you’re thinking of your personal home or business project. That’s why we’re here to help you choose the best paving company for your needs, and to help you know what services and features to look out for. Let’s get started!


They’re Licensed And Insured

Don’t skip this step when researching Florida asphalt paving companies. A contractor that hasn’t taken the time and effort to follow industry standards is not the contractor you want working on your property. 


Why is it so important that your contractor is insured? Imagine you have a small leak under your sink, and you see a post advertising plumbing work on your community message board. You call up the handyman, but instead of fixing your drain, he damages your $700 sink and then slips and breaks his wrist on the water that has leaked from the pipe.


In this scenario, you’re the one left footing the bill. The handyman doesn’t have insurance to cover the damage he’s done to your sink, and since he was injured doing work on your property, he’s demanding that you cover his medical expenses as well. 


By choosing the right contractor, you can avoid this entire situation. An insured contractor’s policy would cover the cost to replace the damaged sink, and would pay the medical costs related to an injury that occured while the contractor was providing service.


And let’s not forget licensure. Florida asphalt paving companies that don’t bother to get licensed will have the same disregard for your paving project. Make sure you select a company that cares about the details, and about doing things the right way every time.


They Have A Variety Of Services

Florida asphalt paving companies that are experts in their field will provide you with a range of services. You don’t want to hire one contractorFlorida Asphalt Paving Companies to pour your asphalt, and then another to maintain it, and then a third to provide repairs and replacement work. A full-service company like Asphalt Icons will be with you through the decades, and can handle any asphalt or concrete work you can come up with.


They Offer Asphalt Consulting

While some Florida asphalt paving companies will install your asphalt or concrete surface and leave you with nothing but the bill, we offer asphalt consulting services. This service allows you to invest in yourself and your property, and gives you real-world information that will have your surfaces lasting as long as possible.


To learn more about asphalt consulting, our other services, or to schedule your next paving project, contact us today. Don’t go with just any of the Florida asphalt paving companies, Asphalt Icons is the right one for you.

Searching for Florida Asphalt Paving Companies? Here’s What to Look For

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