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Asphalt Contractors Near Me

When you type ‘asphalt contractors near me’ in the search bar, you might come back with hundreds of results! Don’t be overwhelmed, here are the four key services to look for when choosing your perfect asphalt contractor.

Having the right asphalt contractor is critical to the outcome of any asphalt project. You want one that communicates well, accomplishes their scope of work on time, is professional,Asphalt Contractors Near Me and leaves you with exactly what you had in mind when the project began. To make sure you are really selecting the best asphalt contractor, here are four key services to look for:

Asphalt Contractors Near Me That Provide Asphalt Consulting

If an asphalt company offers asphalt consulting, you can be assured that they are looking out for their customers’ best interest. A good asphalt contractor will be able to provide you with advice regarding proper asphalt maintenance schedules, the best cleaning methods, favorite product recommendations, and more. Asphalt consulting is the very best way to protect the investment to your property, and will give you the knowledge you need to extend its lifespan.

Asphalt Contractors Near Me That Offer Asphalt Maintenance

There is more to an asphalt contractor than just hiring one to lay down the initial asphalt. Although asphalt is an excellent and durable choice for pavement, it still requires maintenance to ensure that it looks great and lasts for  years to come! A good asphalt contractor will offer maintenance services like patch repair for potholes and vehicle damage, and resurfacing or replacement for more extensive damage. 

Asphalt Contractors Near Me That Do Asphalt Striping and Marking

Many projects require more than just asphalt paving. When your project will also need striping, marking, sealcoating, lettering, custom stencilling, or any similar service, you want to hire an asphalt contractor that can provide that. Having an asphalt road or  parking lot with no markings, or poorly done marking and striping, can be extremely confusing to drivers and pedestrians. It’s critical for safety and organization to hire an asphalt contractor who specializes in this service so they can assist you every step of the way.

Asphalt Contractors Near Me That Provide Asphalt Sealing and Filling

Cracks and joints are a part of life when dealing with aging asphalt. Cracks can occur from temperature fluctuations as the seasons change, and can lead to even bigger issues, as they allow water to seep into the ground under the asphalt. When water has access to the base or sub-base of the asphalt, it can cause deterioration and necessitate expensive repairs. 

Asphalt Contractors Near MeAn asphalt joint is formed when fresh asphalt mixture is laid alongside an existing layer of asphalt. Because of temperature changes and density differences between the joint and each segment of asphalt pavement, joints are especially susceptible to cracks and water infiltration. 

Sealing joints or filling cracks can double the lifespan of your asphalt, and is the most cost-effective way to make sure that you don’t have to resurface or replace the asphalt in the near future. 

Your search for ‘asphalt contractors near me’ could be over if you hire Asphalt Icons today! Get in touch to see why we’re the best fit for your needs.