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3 Signs That You’re In Need Of Asphalt Sealing Winter Park

Road surface restoration work in the worker performs on road patcher work on the repair of cracks by filling and sealing with coated by bitumen emulsion asphalt surface.

Understanding your asphalt investment isn’t something you have to conquer alone. We’re here to help! Here are three signs that you need asphalt sealing Winter Park services.

When choosing to invest in the asphalt installation, protection, and prevention services for your home or business, knowledge is power, which is part of why we take the time to share our industry tips with you. So, if you’re unfamiliar with the signs that warrant an asphalt sealing Winter Park service, you’re in the right place. 

Sign #1: Your Asphalt Is Turning Grey/Brown 

Our asphalt sealing Winter Park service can help prevent and repair asphalt oxidation. This is essentially the freshly poured asphalt’s exposure to nature’s elements, most notably, oxygen. After and during its initial lay, your asphalt’s prolonged exposure to oxygen can be the cause of asphalt oxidation. 

The effect of having oxidized asphalt is a loss of its durability and longevity as a safe surface for your home or business. Which is how our asphalt sealing service can help you prolong your investment. So if you’re noticing the signs of oxidation, specifically a lighter color present where it wasn’t before, schedule a consultation today


Sign #2: You Notice Your Asphalt’s Raveling 

Another negative effect of asphalt oxidation is the raveling of your pavement. Asphalt raveling looks like loose stones and sand appearing on your pavement; this debris showcases the chemical loss of bonding elements within the asphalt. This is caused by oxidation that is either caused by environmental factors or overuse. 

The best way to prevent the financial burden of a full asphalt overhaul is to consider an asphalt sealing Winter Park service to help protect your current pavement and avoid further damages. 


Sign #3: Cracks Are Forming Through Your Pavement 

The third and final thing to keep a close watch for is any signs of cracking that run through your asphalt. This can happen from wrongful adherence when the asphalt was initially laid or there are sharp thermal shifts in the environment.

Not only are these unsightly when welcoming visitors to your home or business, but it can also be dangerous for your vehicles to drive on. It’s essential to regularly monitor your asphalt so you can catch these cracks in advance and be proactive rather than reactive. Prevention and protection are the best ways to save money when it comes to paving services.



As your chosen Winter Park paving company, our technicians and asphalt experts would gladly service your lot while providing well-rounded solutions to fit your pavement needs. Contact us today to schedule your asphalt sealing Winter Park consultation! 

3 Signs That You’re In Need Of Asphalt Sealing Winter Park

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