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Orlando Asphalt Milling | Behind The Scenes Of Our Process

When you think of Orlando asphalt milling, you may immediately think of the large machines used to get it done, but it’s a much more intricate process than what meets the eye. Here’s a behind the scenes take on how we’d service your lot.

Orlando asphalt milling is the process of stripping your asphalt of its top layer, grinding it down, and binding it back to the lower levels for reuse. It’s a procedure that can help your pavement’s aesthetics and safety and help prevent further problems down the road. Pun intended. 

orlando asphalt milling truck moving asphalt parts

Step One: Surveying The Lot 

Starting the Orlando asphalt milling process with your lot’s consultation is key to understanding if this is the right service for your needs. Asphalt milling sometimes requires a small section to be serviced, whereas other times, it requires full removal of the top layer for repurposing. The best way to know is to have our team come out and look for uneven or rough asphalt patches. 


Step Two: Reach An Agreeable Solution 

Our contractors are heavily trained to ensure consistency and transparency throughout the entire process. They will ensure that all your questions are answered and that you feel confident when making the right decision for your specific needs. You’re in good hands here


Step Three: We Get To Milling! 

orlando asphalt milling truck and contractors moving asphalt

The next and most crucial step in the Orlando asphalt milling process is getting it done. We’ll find a time that works best to limit any disruption to your business procedures, and our technicians will come out to begin the initial removal process.


Here’s where those famous machines come into play, you guessed it! After removing the agreed-upon layers and spots from your pavement, we then grind them back down and re-adhere them to an area of need in your lot. 

Step Four: Set A Maintenance Plan 

Our contractors finish the project by meeting with you to review what was done, answer any final questions you may have, and discuss the next steps for maintenance. This is very important to ensure the lifespan of your asphalt.


Then the Orlando asphalt milling process is complete! Now you’re ready to set up your business or home life as usual and use the asphalt investment you made with confidence in its longevity and safety. 


If you are already aware of how asphalt milling can improve your pavement and know you need to have it done, give us a call. Our contractors would be happy to provide lasting solutions to you! 


Orlando Asphalt Milling | Behind The Scenes Of Our Process

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