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3 Ways To Maintain Your Winter Park Concrete Driveway

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Protecting your Winter Park concrete driveway is essential to the aesthetics and safety of your home or business, and that’s why we’re here to help. This may not seem like a top priority on your list, so if you’re looking to leave it to the professionals, you’re in the right place.

Given that your concrete driveway is the first thing visitors arriving at your home or business make contact with, it’s important to ensure that it’s a safe greeting and communicating the right message. It doesn’t have to be complicated, either! Here are three simple ways to maintain your Winter Park concrete driveway

Clean Your Driveway 

Look, we understand. How often can you practically clean your concrete driveway, right? It’s the space that’s often forgotten about when planning renovations and deep cleaning sweeps. Oftentimes it’s left alone, and it shows. Everyone has different aesthetic preferences for their paved spaces, but safety is non-negotiable to us. 


When you clean your Winter Park concrete driveway, here are the things to keep in mind: sweep any debris from the trees off of the surface of your driveway, then either spray or pressure wash the stubborn grit from compromising any of your concrete’s pores. Another cleaning aspect to look out for is removing any motor oil spots from your concrete using biodegradable cleaning agents. If you’re looking for best practices and how we can help, we have a blog to use as your guide


Identify Any Cracks 

Old and cracked road surfaces are used to create the background and design. Deep relief Cracks on the pavement. Worn road, very used or broken by the weather

Part of solving a problem is identifying what it is, and this is why identifying the cracked areas of your concrete driveway becomes so essential. Not only does the presence of cracking prevent a smooth drive on your Winter Park concrete driveway, but it may also lead to unforeseen safety issues putting your visitors and guests at risk.

A suggestion to stay on top of monitoring any cracks in your concrete driveway is to survey your area quarterly, noting any changes or areas of frequent use. This monitoring will keep you aware of your concrete’s current state and allow you to plan for any services if necessary. If you’re unsure of how to identify any problematic areas of your concrete driveway, schedule a consultation with our team today by filling out this form!  



Seal Problem Areas 

If there’s an obvious crack or compromised area of your concrete, give us a call immediately. It’s not something you want to hold off on as it could worsen. When sealing your concrete space, we’re the experts, and here’s our process


Effective sealing and filling are preventative measures that ensure no other environmental elements, such as water or oil, can further compromise your concrete’s subbase. This sealing solution is the most economical option to consider when dealing with problems in your Winter Park concrete driveway, especially if you’re looking to avoid a full resurfacing later on. 


Are you still wondering how we can help? If so, our blog is a great resource to use when searching for the answers to any of your concrete driveway questions. If you’re reading this and already thinking about the areas of your Winter Park concrete driveway that need servicing ASAP, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We’re happy to help resolve the concrete concerns you may have!

3 Ways To Maintain Your Winter Park Concrete Driveway

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