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5 Things You Need To Ask Your Florida Asphalt Contractor

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Selecting the best Florida asphalt contractor can be challenging. Here’s a list of the top most important things to ask before hiring your Florida asphalt contractor.

Experience & Credentials of Your Florida Contractor

It will benefit you greatly to understand the level of experience that your asphalt paving team has prior to considering a quote. Consider experienced teams to be the foundation of your successfully completed asphalt paving project. An expert in paving can help you get the most life out of your paved surface by offering guidance. When preparing for your lot to be paved, an expert can provide direction regarding position, shape, tree root systems, debris removal, maintenance and more. If you’re in Florida and you’re looking for a highly skilled team of experts, look no further than Asphalt Icons.

Proof of License & Insurance

There are many companies that appear legitimate but do not operate as official Florida Asphalt Contractors. To ensure you are working with a professional company, it’s best to request proof of insurance and licensure. We know it can be tempting to go with a cheaper quote, but when you do your research you’ll find that it’s far better to go with an experienced professional that will provide top quality results than to go with an illegitimate company. Protect your invest and protect your property by requiring that contracts be properly licensed and insured to work on your project. Ultimately, you want the best quality results done properly the first time and to ensure that you can trust credentialed professionals.

Florida Asphalt Contractor - Asphalt Icons

Property Protection

Do you have ornamental plants near the area of your paving project? Understanding how your contractor plans to protect your landscaping is critical. When paving a driveway or parking lot, your landscaping can be disturbed. In order to prevent disrupting critical root systems, proper planning must be carried out. This is done best by an experienced team of professionals. You should be able to discuss these details and know the plan for protection surrounding your asphalt paving project.


A professional company has an established reputation and there should be no shortage of online reviews and testimonials. Take time to do the proper research about your Florida asphalt contractor prior to hiring them. If the online reputation reflects their in person presentation, you are likely working with a quality professional. In order to feel confident in your Florida asphalt contractor, you must understand if the company you are considering has happy customers and if any complaints were made, that they were resolved. At Asphalt Icons, we strive to exceed your expectations and our reputation stands to show that.

Florida Asphalt Contractor - Asphalt Icons

Project Schedule

Once you decide to work with a contractor, they should be able to provide you with a detailed schedule of your asphalt paving project. Delays happen and weather can be difficult to plan around. Your experienced team of Florida asphalt contractors should be able to offer guidance about the elements and how they will affect your project schedule. In addition, you should never start work with a contractor that is not able to provied an expected completion date. The last thing you want is to start a project with one contractor only to require assistance from another contractor. Avoid having to go through the hassle of a delayed, incomplete, or poorly completed project by hiring the right team from day one. A project done right the first time is a successful project.

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5 Things You Need To Ask Your Florida Asphalt Contractor

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