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Steps To Take To Prepare Your Lot For Asphalt Paving In Clermont, FL

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Preparing your lot for asphalt paving can seem daunting, but rest assured with a few simple tips you can prep your lot like a pro. In order to be ready for “paving day” take these steps to ensure you get a successfully completed project.

Find an Experienced Team

The first step to getting the most out of your asphalt paving is to make sure that you’ve selected a team you feel confident in. An experienced team of professionals will help to ensure you get the longest life from your asphalt. If you’re looking for asphalt paving in Clermont, FL, look no further than Asphalt Icons! Our trusted team of experts are here for you. Once you have found an experienced team that you feel confident in, you can take the next steps to prepare your lot.

Careful Lot Planning

An experienced team of asphalt paving experts will help guide you. You will want to take note of nearby trees and root systems. These root systems can apply pressure to paved surfaces and break through creating fracture lines and unsightly cracks. To allow your paved surface the most life, proper planning is key. Once you have established the location, and you’ve planned around trees, root systems and ornamental plants, you can consider aesthetics. Aesthetics are very important when creating a paved surface on your lot. It’s important to consider if the paved area is providing a benefit to you should you decide to sell your home or business. A freshly paved driveway or parking lot can provide the message you want to send to prospective clients or home buyers. Get the most out of your investment with proper planning.

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Debris Removal

When preparing the ground for paving day, you’ll want to remove as much debris as possible and clear the area. Things like garbage cans, piles of leaves, and fallen tree branches can be obstacles for your expert asphalt paving team. Prepare your lot by removing any debris possible. This will help allow for increased safety on the project site and the best possible outcome for your paved surface.

Consider Tree Removal

When considering asphalt paving in Clermont, FL we know that for most people trees can be problematic. Roots can cause serious damage to a freshly paved surface. Proper planning can help, but sometimes a little more effort is needed and that could mean hiring a tree removal company. Trees can also cause a lot of damage to your asphalt paved surface and your home during a storm. If a tree is uprooted, it could pull from beneath your driveway, destroying your asphalt and causing damage to your vehicles. Tree removal can allow a safer lot overall for your home. If you’re considering a paving project, it might be a good idea to also consider removing trees that have been a concern on your property. Not only will you prepare your lot for asphalt paving, but in addition, you will protect the integrity of the paved surface, and protect your home from unexpected mayhem.

With these simple tips, you can prepare for your asphalt paving project like a pro. If you have questions about your asphalt paving project, reach out to us. At Asphalt Icons, we are happy to be your trusted asphalt paving experts. To learn more about asphalt paving in Clermont, FL, reach out to us by clicking here or calling (321) 370-4736.

asphalt paving clermont, fl - asphalt icons

Steps To Take To Prepare Your Lot For Asphalt Paving In Clermont, FL

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