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Do You Need Orlando Driveway Replacement? Here Are The Signs

Orlando Driveway Replacement

Looking for Orlando driveway replacement? There are some can’t-miss signs that your paved surface needs work, and Asphalt Icons is the asphalt company you want to handle it. 


There’s no faster way to start your day off on the wrong foot than leaving your home and driving over a cracked, uneven driveway. Not only that, but damaged asphalt or concrete surfaces can create safety hazards – with the potential for trips and falls. If you’re wondering whether or not you need an Orlando driveway replacement, this is the blog for you. Ready to schedule service? Fill out our online contact form and we will be in touch!


Signs You Need Orlando Driveway Replacement



One of the most recognizable signs of a damaged asphalt surface is the presence of potholes. While one or two potholes is an easy fix, if you areOrlando Driveway Replacement seeing more and more potholes appear, it might be a sign that your driveway has some underlying problems. 


Potholes are caused by water seeping under an asphalt surface through small surface cracks. As the water expands and contracts with temperature fluctuations, it erodes the asphalt from underneath, causing the potholes to form. The more potholes you see, the more likely you will need an Orlando driveway replacement. 


Puddles and Pooling Water

Your driveway should be designed in a way that allows rainwater to drain freely to the ground on either side of it, and not gather in puddles on its surface. If the earth under your driveway has shifted over time, or if it was poorly installed, you will begin to see areas of your driveway that consistently gather and hold water. 


While a puddle of water may look harmless, asphalt is a porous material that will absorb the water, causing accelerated wear and deterioration to occur.


Surface Cracks

There are a variety of reasons that cracks can form on your asphalt or concrete driveway – changing temperatures, extreme weather, heavy vehicles, and harmful UV rays can all weaken paved surfaces. When small cracks appear, they allow water, chemicals, oil, and other common substances to seep into your driveway, creating larger cracks and potholes.


It’s Getting Old

Even the most well-maintained driveway won’t last forever. If you know that it has been a few decades since your driveway was installed, there’s a good chance that it’s time to plan for an Orlando driveway replacement.


How Can I Keep My Driveway In Good Shape?

Properly caring for your driveway can maximize its lifespan. Scheduling regular sealcoating, repairing potholes quickly, and hiring a reputable asphalt contractor for any maintenance work will ensure that your driveway looks great and is fully functional for years. 

Don’t put off your Orlando driveway replacement any longer. Contact Asphalt Icons today to see the difference a brand new driveway can make!

Do You Need Orlando Driveway Replacement? Here Are The Signs

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