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Don’t Make These Mistakes When You Need Kissimmee Asphalt Repair

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Are you starting to see some wear and tear on your asphalt surfaces? It’s time for Kissimmee asphalt repair. If this is your first time looking for asphalt repair services, we’ll fill you in on what to watch out for.


While the average person may only think about the asphalt on their property a few times a year, we work with asphalt every single day – and when you work with asphalt that often, you see it all. As your local asphalt professionals, we’ll make sure you avoid some of these common mistakes that people make when it comes to their Kissimmee asphalt repair. Ready to get one of our services scheduled? Give us a call today!


Putting Off Repairs

We know that sometimes asphalt repair and maintenance work isn’t the first thing you want to budget for, and that means it gets postponed. Unfortunately, this is one of the worst mistakes you can make, since it often means the repair will be more extensive and costly down the road. 


For example, smaller potholes can be easily addressed using asphalt patch repair or even an asphalt overlay, but if they are left to grow larger, your asphalt will eventually need to be completely removed and replaced.


Repairing A Surface That Needs To Be Replaced

A reputable asphalt contractor will not recommend services that you don’t need, such as suggesting asphalt replacement when a repair wouldKissimmee Asphalt Repair be more cost-effective. 


However, in some situations, Kissimmee asphalt repair is not the best option and a replacement is necessary. If the foundation and base layers of your asphalt are no longer salvageable, repairing or resurfacing the upper layers would only be a temporary fix, and you would need additional work done in the near future.


Not Maintaining The Asphalt After Repairs

While asphalt is a durable and low-maintenance material, it does require some care to keep it functional for as long as possible. Having your asphalt regularly sealcoated by an experienced asphalt contractor can help protect it from damaging UV rays and rainwater, both of which cause premature aging. 


Working With An Unlicensed and Uninsured Contractor

When you need Kissimmee asphalt repair, it might be tempting to take a risk and work with an unlicensed contractor. But a decision like this can come back to haunt you, as contractors that are willing to cut corners when it comes to licensing are likely to cut corners on your asphalt project as well. 


If your contractor is uninsured and your property is damaged or someone is injured while your asphalt is being repaired, the contractor may not have the ability to cover the costs, and you could be financially liable.


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Don’t Make These Mistakes When You Need Kissimmee Asphalt Repair

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