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Need To Repair Your Driveway? Here Are Your 3 Options

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Are you in need to repair your driveway? We have put together three options for you to determine the best course of action. It’s best to consider the pros and cons related to the options for driveway repair. Once you’ve evaluated this list, you’ll have a good idea of what direction is best for your situation.

1. Don’t Repair Your Driveway

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The benefit of not taking action to repair your driveway is that you have to apply the least amount of effort in order to do it. It’s easy to forget about making the call or asking an expert. In life, so many other important things come up that take our attention and we end up with a mile long list of unresolved issues. For homeowners, this unresolve list can become very problematic and untimely. When you plan to tackle problems head on, you can avoid the unexpected surprises as much as possible. Many people believe by not taking an action they aren’t making a decision but neglect is a choice.

In most cases, neglecting to repair your driveway does more harm than good. It also ends up costing more in the long run. For example, some driveway repairs only require a simple patch. An unresolved problem that starts as a simple repair can soon become a much more serious issue. If you have tree roots pushing up through your asphalt creating cracks and fractures that are left untreated you could easily end up having damage to your vehicle.

This would cost you far more than the repair to your driveway. The long term costs of neglect far outweigh the benefits, however taking action to complete a repair is not always easy. You must consider if your driveway repair can wait, how long you’ll wait, and how many other pressing matters may be prioritized ahead of your repair. With proper planning, you can ensure driveway repairs are completed in a timely manner and avoid unexpected issues from surfacing. Asphalt repairs aren’t as costly as neglect is and that’s the hard truth.

2. Repair Your Driveway Yourself

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Many homeowners prefer the DIY approach to repairs. In most cases, these homeowners have no real experience performing any of the projects and find themselves in a situation that’s far more complex than they expected with no guidance to finish what they started as the unexpected arises. The benefit is that you might save money on paper, but long term that doesn’t hold true. With any project, there will be things that come up that aren’t planned for. You may accidentally dig in the wrong place and burst a pipe. You may incorrectly cure your asphalt after going through the trouble of preparing the ground and laying it. Ultimately you can expect that your DIY project will be cheaper initially but long term will not serve you well.

3. Hire A Professional Asphalt Company

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Lastly, you can decide to hire a professional asphalt company that is experienced. Initially this option may take time to interview, review credentials, and ensure the team you are working with has proper licensure. However, that will be time well spent! You will find that by hiring an expert your results will provide a resolution for far longer than a DIY project would. In addition, you would have solved one problem and prevented many others. For most people, the decision to hire a professional team is far better than taking the risks of leaving the problem unresolved. Remember, you are paying for expertise. The company you decide to work with has been proving their solutions and they have tested a variety of options. In short, they know what to do and how to do it well.


In conclusion, reviewing these options will help you to validate your choice. At Asphalt Icons, we believe in doing the job right the first time. If you’re ready to hire a professional or you simply need an expert opinion, contact us today for a free quote!

Need To Repair Your Driveway? Here Are Your 3 Options

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