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7 Questions To Ask Your Oviedo Commercial Paving Contractor

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Whenever looking to hire any company in the Oviedo area some questions are just a necessity. One company that you’ll find yourself hiring is an Asphalt Paving Company. Now, if you require an Oviedo commercial paving contractor but are not sure what to ask, then you’re in luck. Today, we’ll be spending some time going over 7 questions you should ask your paving commercial contractor. Some of these might surprise you!

Can You Show Your Work?

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When it comes to work such as asphalt this question is more important than you might realize. Asking any contractor to show their previous work is extremely important so you can have the ease of mind of not having to worry about the job. This will save you money, time because the job won’t have to be revisited, and stress. Not having to worry about a job is crucial because it could start to affect you in different activities that you do. After all, you can’t get your mind off of it.

Secondly, besides asking them to show you their work it’s okay to ask for customer reviews also. Customer reviews are usually very much straight to the point and will let you know the good and the bad so you can make your choice. If they’re proud of their work then they should have 0 issues showing you anything that you’d ask for and should be excited!

How Many Years Of Experience Do You Have?

Besides asking them to showcase their previous work for you this is also just as important. My best example of this is when you go to a hairdresser or barber and if they let you know it’s their first week open you might want to reconsider. Just for the sake of relaxing this simple question will let you know that the work you can expect will be exceptional!

Do You Have The Proper License And Insurance?

Whenever hiring a contractor or company you want to make sure that they’re correctly licensed. You want to make sure they have a license to work regarding a paving contractor, more information about this can be found HERE. Working with a legitimate company is extremely important because it will give you the ease of mind that the job will be done correctly.

Insurance is an extremely important aspect when hiring a company. If the company you hire doesn’t have insurance and someone gets injured on the job they could come after you. The business owner could claim that due to it happening on your property that it’s your fault. You can prevent this from happening by asking to see a proper license and insurance. If reliable the company in choosing should be more than happy to show you this card.

What’s The Estimated Price For the Work?

This question may seem scary at first but it’s COMPLETELY reasonable. Price is always an important factor when choosing a company to come and do your pavement job. When it comes to asking this question something to keep in mind is that usually, the company will need to send someone out to take a look first. This way they don’t give any false estimates. Most companies will give you a free estimate. Companies like Asphalt Icons, you can contact them today for a free quote!

Do You Offer More Than Just Asphalt?

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When looking for an asphalt paving contractor you probably need several things done. These jobs could be from installing or repairing pavement. It doesn’t hurt to ask so when you get your free inspection so they can add any additional cost with your estimate. Most companies will offer filling pavement in, repairing, and coating it after the fact to make sure the job was done correctly. Some other jobs are below.

  • Asphalt Maintenance
  • Asphalt Paving
  • Concrete
  • Asphalt Sealing and Filling
  • Sealcoating
  • MIlling Services

Now that we know the jobs that are offered we now want to find out about the timeframe.

What’s the Timeframe?

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So now that you have the price and have asked if they do more than just the job you ask for it’s time to get an idea of how long the job will take. This is important because they’ll be taking up a good amount of space that you and others will need to workaround. It’s a minor inconvenience but after some time it can become quite annoying. Having an idea of how long everything will take is a great way for you to schedule around it and let people in the surrounding area also know.

How Will You Protect My Property?

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Now that all of these questions have been asked the last thing to consider is “How is my property going to be protected?”. This is important because the last thing you want to do is pay for any repairs they need to make. You can ask them questions regarding the protective material they plan on bringing to protect the surrounding area. Followed by how they plan on cleaning up the area at the end of the day. Especially in a place like Oviedo finding a reliable commercial paving contractor is extremely important.


In conclusion, asking these questions is extremely beneficial to make sure the job gets done in an efficient time and the quality is what you want. This isn’t a job that you want to have to revisit and you want it done quickly. That’s why it’s so nice to hire a company like Asphalt Icons located in Florida. Hiring an Oviedo commercial paving contractor is important and will give you ease of mind. Contact Asphalt icons today for a free quote!

7 Questions To Ask Your Oviedo Commercial Paving Contractor

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